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Film Patterns / By similar character
 Blank Printable Water Transfer Film
 Water Transfer Film Hunting Camouflage
 Water Transfer Film Military Camouflage
 Water Transfer Film Digital Camouflage
 Water Transfer Film Skullz & Flame
 Water Transfer Film Carbon Fiber Grains
 Water Transfer Film Decorative
 Water Transfer Film Water Drop
 Water Transfer Film Wood Grains
 Water Transfer Film New Pattern
 Water Transfer Film Flower and Cartoon
 Water Transfer Film Animal Pattern
 Water Transfer Film Stone & Marble Grains
 Water Transfer Film Metal Grain
 Water Transfer Film Flag
 Others Water Transfer Film

Water Transfer Printing (Cubic Printing, 3D Printing) is a surface decoration technology that uses a specialized film printed with natural design (like burl wood, walnut and marble) and geometrical design to decorate on many kinds of products (like car interior accessories, architecture, handles, switches and many daily applications). Water Transfer Printing is possible to apply on many kinds of materials, such as plastics, metals, metal, etc and is able to coat on complex three dimensional shapes with very high quality. So, it creates new color and new appearance on the printed product and enhances its additional value. You can see colorful world from water transfer printing.

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